PAS CLASS IB gives the best ONLINE IB Coaching for INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE program. Online Tutoring is a modern method of conveying IB tuitions. This is exceptionally well known methodology among our technically knowledgeable youthful age.

Doing an online class is like a tutor sitting next to you. It’s becoming more popular in present Days because through this you will access to the online IB Program and your query will be solved by tutors Easily . You can do these classes with the tutors living and working in any part of Delhi NCR with the flexibility of time.  Our online IB  tutors are well trained, qualified and experienced professionals. All our online IB tutors are well Skilled with IB curriculum and they are equipped with modern day technology that solve student’s query with ease.

Mathematics - Applications and Interpretation:

IB provides the most comprehensive and innovative syllabus for the new DP Mathematics: analysis & approaches to SL and HL syllabus. Mathematical analysis lays emphasis on application and interpretation and applied nature of the subject on Geometry and Trigonometry, Number and Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Functions and Calculus.

We always Love to Help IB Students:

Pas Class IB  have been helping IB students improve their grades.
We have the professional IB Tutors available for all IB Subjects for the Mumbai Region, SANTRACRUZ 

From anywhere in Delhi NCR (via Skype, Via Call or Via Mail), Pas Class IB tutors help you master your subject.

Tips for a Good Tuition Session

  • To get the most out of your tuition session:
  • Ask many questions and take an active role in your learning.
  • Make sure you know what you would like to cover and to have your resources books, exams, etc.
  • Make sure to have your resources in digital form, so you can share or send them to your tutor.
  • This way, you can spend most of the valuable time with your tutor doing what matters: learning.

The Role of an Online IB Tutors that help their students:

Our online IB tutors help students to perform best in their academics and score ace. 

  • Our online tutors are responsible for providing tailored one-on-one tuition in their specific subject(s) and assisting students with Extended Essays, Lab Reports and assignments via online teaching platform.
  • This includes the preparatory side of things before the tuition begins, designing teaching plans for courses of varying duration and academic complexity to meet the student’s specific needs; running lessons and managing student’s progress; giving and marking homework, giving the student valuable feedback; and ensuring student completes their tuition with more knowledge and Skill, ready to face the rest of their time in the IB and understanding the Concepts.
  • Our Tutors deliver lessons online and work closely with individual students to boost their academic potential as well as their motivation and confidence!
  • Our online IB tutors provide a special doubt clearing session for every Individual student on short notices during exams. This provides a great support to the students during their exam time
  • We use the latest technology and Concepts according to market Trends to make students understand their concepts. We use Ppts, videos, images and many other trending tools to build students’ concepts.
  • Our tutors believe in 24*7 commitment and works as according to Student Needs. They are always ready to help their students. If a student finds difficulty in any concept or any doubt in anywhere on the subject, They can contact our online IB tutors over the phone, Via Skype or by email. Our Tutors are always ready to solve student’s any type query.