IB Physics Home Tutors



From energy production to relativity and engineering, the spread of the physics IB exam can be tough for even the brightest students. It covers everything from light sound to even archaeology, a study of matter and energy. Pas Class IB physics tutors are specifically trained to deal with these problems and concepts, so every student can get the best support when it comes to revision and anywhere then can stuck. IB Physics Tutor in Delhi NCR aims at the students’ analytical and understanding knowledge and Build Skills to solve the Problems. There are various scientific laws made on the basis of experiments conducted by various Physicists that has to be understand by IB Physics Student very clearly.


Everyone knows that students can easily understood concepts when taught one-to-one, because personalised learning really is the best way to smooth Learning over any rough patches. Our Tutors teaching approach is not types School based Teaching approach but Our Tutors will teach Student like a friendship based group learning, so we insist on a hands-on atmosphere that Students can easily understand more critical Problems and Theories. After all the discussions, Assessments and problem solving, every Student will engage with the subject in a way they never could before. And they’ll get a great result at the end and ace in their exams.

Whether it is a concept or a phenomena, the sessions are well made and planned by Our Tutors as per the desired Syllabus to give equal importance to every lesson to Each Student. A desired number of hours are designated to each lesson as per the difficulty level of the Student that It will clarify all related theories and practical concepts.

Advantages of Pas Class IB Physics Tutor:

  • Our Tutor Provides chapter wise notes, chapter wise PPT, solved chapter wise assignment sheets based on past papers that makes an ease of Understanding the concept to the students.
  • Our IB Chemistry tutors are highly experienced and highly qualified with a respected Experience of teaching.
  • IB Chemistry tutors provide highly specialised tutors. Higher level teacher will teach Higher Level students and Standard level teachers will teach only Standard Level0 students. This ensures most effective teaching.
  • One on one home tutors that Help in assignments and Assessments.
  • Teaching students according to their understanding level and plan accordingly as per Exam oriented preparation.
  • Make their students believe that with proper planning they can achieve their goals with best level of Teaching and learning.