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MYP Physical and Health Education Tutor:

Physical and health education courses make a boost in the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will contribute to a student’s balanced and healthy lifestyle. Student learning experiences in the PE program are diverse and comprehensive, allowing students to attain knowledge and experience within a maximum of environments and situations. The PE curriculum aims to guide students with their development of self- and group-confidence, emotional and physical competency, along with fitness management and life-long learning across the curriculum.

At Pas Class IB students learn to develop a better understanding of health and well being and have access to the fantastic sports and outdoor recreation facilities
SL/HL has to offer. 

The Physical Education and Health Department believe that students will be empowered to make choices, meet challenges and develop positive behaviours in fitness, wellness and movement activity for a lifetime.  Health 1 and Health 2 along with Fitness for Life 1 and 2 will fulfil your PE and Health requirements for graduation. These classes are vital because twice as many children today and almost 3 times as many teens are overweight as in 1980.  More than 65% of all people age 20 and older are overweight or obese.  About 35 million of today’s 85 million children will eventually die from heart and blood vessel disease (AHA stat).  Physically fit kids perform better academically. Getting students active and educated is extremely important to the health of our nation.    

Our Motive for MYP Physical and Health Education:

  • Holistic learning – all knowledge is interrelated; the curriculum should address the development of the whole person as is seen in the IB learner profile
  • Inter-cultural awareness – representing the idea that school communities should promote international-mindedness by engaging and exploring other cultures.
  • Communication – schools should encourage open and effective communication, important skills that contribute to international understanding.

MYP Physical and Health Education Classified into five Categories:

  • Physical and health-related knowledge
  • Aesthetic movement
  • Team sports
  • Individual sports
  • International sports and activities

Our Approaches to Learning the Physical and Health Education subject specific skills that the student develops and uses during the study of the particular subject. The focus is on teaching students how to learn, to develop learning skills and to support them to take responsibility for their learning and understand the concepts.

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