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IB English Online Tutors:

IB ENGLISH ONLINE TUTORING - The IB English tutoring course covers the two-year IB program which is divided into four areas of focus – Works in Translation, Options, Literary Genres and Detailed study. The year 2-Grade 12, IB English course is a detailed study and literary genre on prose.

The IB English program covers a range of literary works of different styles, genres, and periods, to promote appreciation of literature and to widen the outlook of students through the study of works from other cultures.

IB ONLINE ENGLISH TUTOR: It will help students aiming to achieve a level of practical communication ideal for everyday use, forming a base to move further appealing to their study. This subject designed for learners, a skill developer pertaining awareness of the audience being addressed. It is much of the kind repressing in itself ability of effective and accurate communication with better reading and writing approach.

At Pass Class IB, our aim is to ensure all our students to be successful in their academic career and acquire in-depth knowledge in the subject they are learning. Our soul goal is to expand the key abilities of the student to learn English with our IB Online English Tutors which includes critical and analytical thinking, listening skills and most importantly, creative development. We have formulated precise strategies and roadmap for every student so that they can excel in English learning.

Our IB English online tutors are highly experienced and possess the following characteristics:

  • Highly Innovative and always up with new ideas
  • Experimental on various concepts
  • Understands the cultural background of every student
  • Keen in bringing interaction to empower students
  • Intuitive and attentive to in depth details
  • Excellent Linguistic skill set
  • Flexible and ever ready to accept various styles of students
  • Well disciplined and dedicated
  • Stimulates discussions with students to enhance their hidden creative side


  • A test will be conducted to analyze the potential of student
  • A Free demo live tutoring session for 30 minutes will be conducted by our expert online US Curriculum tutors.
  • Detailed feedbacks will be collected and based on that regular tutoring sessions will be scheduled according to the student’s requirements
  • There will be no time constraints. You can schedule your classes any time 24*7
  • Determining the potential of students, we will customize your lesson plans
  • Flexible and ever ready to accept various styles of students
  • Progress of the student will be periodically analyzed and recorded

Pas Class IB English Live Online tutors is very well experienced and qualified to deliver live online tutoring for IB English. Our Live Online tutors have been carefully selected from the best IB Academy and institutes. Our tutors established unique records of tutoring students online and bring the best of the highly regarded best education system and the National Curriculum to students throughout India.

Our Online IB English Tutoring encourages the students to appreciate literature in depth and improve their ability to reflect on their reading skills. Through close study of individual texts and passages, in their literary and cultural contexts, our IB English online tutors help students develop and hone their command of language.